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Bringing Up Father was created by cartoonist George McManus (1884-1954). Distributed by King Features Syndicate, it ran for 87 years, from January 12, 1913, to May 28, 2000.
Many readers, called the strip "Jiggs and Maggie" after its two main characters. The humor centers on an immigrant Irishman named Jiggs, a former hod carrier who came into wealth in the United States by winning a million dollars in a sweepstakes. Now nouveau-riche, he still longs to revert to his working class habits and lifestyle. Constant attempts to sneak out with his old pals, eat corned beef and cabbage ("Jiggs dinner") and hang out at the local tavern were often thwarted by his social-climbing (and rolling-pin wielding) wife, Maggie, their lovely young daughter, Nora and infrequently their lazy son Ethelbert later known as Sonny.

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