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A lost, all-ages, classic graphic novel by the creator of Tintin! Created by Hergé when he was drawing the first few Tintin comics, and first serialized in black and white in 1934, this is the first publication of his lighthearted adventure Peppy in the Wild West and the only English translation since 1969. When his hat business fails, the bear Peppy heads to the Old West to start a new life, accompanied by his sweet wife, Virginny, and his faithful steed, Bluebell. They find a patch of grass somewhere in California, where Peppy’s hats start a craze among the local Rabbit-Ears tribe. What follows is a rollicking cascade of one thing after another: not one, but two kidnappings, a river full of gold, a bulldog outlaw, and a side trip to Santa Barbara!

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Numéro / Issue Peppy in the wild west
Début / Beginning

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